Yellow-throated Leaf-love


Rare Bird Alert – April 2016.  Not  previously seen in Southern Africa.

These birds were observed by  Curt-ingel Sagell of the Caprivi House-boat Safari Lodge mid March 2016.  They had not previously been seen further south than 200km north into Zambia.   When this observation was made they were already onto their 2nd clutch and the chicks had fledged.  Two adults were seen feeding 2 chicks in dense bush/scrub over the water about 3 meters from the bank.  They would fly in 2 phases low down to the west and then either stay there or gather figs or catch spiders for the chicks.  They were quite vocal.

The previous (first) hatching was within the camp itself.  The camp Management were forced to cordon off an area around them with such interest from the large number of ‘twitchers’ going up to see them.