Narina Trogon


Natures valley is one of the finest places in Southern Africa to view 'forest' birds'.  The infrastructure,  friendly staff and cleanliness of the facilities in an idyllic area make it a 'must visit'.  Rustic wooden chalets and camping areas within the forest make it very popular,  especially over weekends. This does not,  however,  affect the birding.  Birds such as Narina Trogon,  White-starred Robin,  Chorister Robin-chat,  Knysna Woodpecker,  Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher,  Brown-backed Honeybird (Sharpbilled Honeyguide),   Knysna Turaco (common and easy to photograph), Terrestrial Brownbul,  Southern Black Flycatcher,  Collared Sunbird and many others can be found.